The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, pushed into action by mounting complaints from victims, has taken measures to protect consumers from credit repair schemes.

Government Cracking Down on Credit Repair Schemes

The office of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has been forced into action because many consumers put themselves in situations that make them susceptible to credit repair schemes. In response, CFPB periodically names a few of the most blatant …

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Gen Z Schools Millennials on Education Debt

The age group known as Generation Z or Gen Z, born around 1996, are the most recent to hit the workforce and are already having a revolution of their own. Their strife is against education debt. Learning from the struggles …

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Alternative Ways to Finance a Car

Ellen Ferretto was discouraged in a matter of minutes after learning her local Houston, Texas car dealership was going to charge her $450 a month to purchase a used car at 9% interest rate. Ferretto knew she was being overcharged,

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Couples Sit-Out Own Wedding to Save Money

Young people across America are realizing they can’t afford their happily ever after. Derek Thompson, a senior editor at The Atlantic who writes about economics, explained that young Americans in the Millennial generation have been pushing back getting married in