Seniors have become a leading consumer of the highest interest short-term loans. Many are unaware that the law requires lenders to offer price comparisons online.

Online Lenders, By Law, Required to Show Price Comparisons

Katherine E. Adkins of Mayfield, Northampton represents what regulators are targeting for predatory lending.  Adkins was arrested for offering illegal payday loans secured by the borrower’s future payroll. After paying a fee, borrowers attempted to deposit checks from Adkins. Banks …

New students participate in orientation at Hastings College in Nebraska where students pay up to $40,000 per year to attend with at least 5% expected to default on their loans after graduation.

College Students Step Into Two Types of Debt Consolidation

Some people are fortunate enough to have a successful kin pay off their student loan debt, like NFL cornerback Logan Ryan taking care of his brother’s $82,000 bill from engineering school. But most recent graduates aren’t so lucky and are …

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What It’s Like to Really Need Home Insurance

It might feel like throwing money away on home insurance, but imagine being caught in the aftermath of something like 2012’s Hurricane Sandy. Home insurance made a major difference for residents of the Seagate neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. It was

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Gen Z Schools Millennials on Education Debt

The age group known as Generation Z or Gen Z, born around 1996, are the most recent to hit the workforce and are already having a revolution of their own. Their strife is against education debt. Learning from the struggles …

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Alternative Ways to Finance a Car

Ellen Ferretto was discouraged in a matter of minutes after learning her local Houston, Texas car dealership was going to charge her $450 a month to purchase a used car at 9% interest rate. Ferretto knew she was being overcharged,

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Couples Sit-Out Own Wedding to Save Money

Young people across America are realizing they can’t afford their happily ever after. Derek Thompson, a senior editor at The Atlantic who writes about economics, explained that young Americans in the Millennial generation have been pushing back getting married in