A Brooklyn, NY home is awaiting major repairs after fire damage.

A Homeowner, an Improbable Fire, and Truth About Insurance Coverage

The fire was unlikely, an electrical malfunction inside the home of someone who should be very familiar with home electrical systems. But professional remodeler of Virginia Peninsula, Robert Criner, experienced that a fire can happen to anyone. And that’s not the only kind of calamity that homeowners can face. But in these situations, insurance can help.

Criner leaned on his remodeling experience and took the opportunity to redo his house and build his business. He used his firm to bring the house to its frame and start over. Criner and his wife were able to design the home to their liking and update it with energy-efficient and high-tech features. His home now serves double-duty as a showroom for his business.

In all, the remodel cost over $500,000. His insurance did not cover the entire cost of the remodel, but he chose to go above and beyond with upgrades and special features. Nonetheless, his insurance did help him get back on his feet. While insurance is not a cure-all, it is definitely a wise investment.

While healthcare industry worker Kulphong Patana, who dealt with her own house fire in Overland Park, Kansas, was sad to lose her belongings and sense of security, she was glad to have had insurance. She said that the help she would receive from her insurance was a silver lining to the situation. While insurance may not cover everything, it can still help rebuild after a calamity.

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